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document FAQ - Custom Forms - How do I import to multiple select fields on a custom form.
If a field in the app is a multiple select/checkbox and you want to import multiple responses the format for the corresponding import/fum file field data would be "value1,value2,value3" So a import/fum of two fields might look like:   Import: Name = Andy Who is your consultant =...
19 Apr, 2012 Views: 0
document HELP! All of our Lead Nurture Track emails are being sent with the wrong email adddress. Where do we change it?
When a contact is added to a lead nurturing track, the name and email address of the logged in user, at the time the contact is added to the lead nurture track, is included with data from the contact. The logged in user's email address is used for email steps in the lead nurturing...
24 Feb, 2012 Views: 0
document Funny characters show up when pasting information - frequently associated with Mac users
If you're seeing funny characters when pasting information into LeadMaster there are two things that may help. 1)  If you are pasting into the email editor from a Microsoft product please use the button 'Paste from Word'.  This will strip out many of the invisible characters. 2)...
03 Dec, 2012 Views: 0
document Screen Shots
This document provides instruction on how to take 'screenshots' that you may need to send to LeadMaster support. On a PC Log into the system and replicate the issue you have described. On your keyboard use the Print Screen key (may be abbreviated Prt Scr), usually located along the top of your...
11 Jan, 2013 Views: 0
document Email won't send from Search Results - click the Submit button but nothing happens
If you have a character that the system doesn't like (for example a semi colon) in your subject line you won't be able to send email. 
17 Jan, 2013 Views: 0
document How do you add the Contact field for Email Marketing Permission to the list of available fields for FUM
 To add Email Marketing Permission to the list of fields available for FUM add Contacts.EmailOptOut to the list of fields available for import.
28 Feb, 2013 Views: 0
document Troubleshooting Click to Call Phone Numbers
If you've turned on phone number hyperlinks in both the workgroup and logon privileges and the phone numbers still don't dial when you click on them the issue may be that the user is configured with the Edit Profile as their default page.   When a user is configured with the Edit Profile...
17 Jan, 2014 Views: 0
document Email Verification & Alternate Email Server
 If you are using an alternate email server you need to switch back to the LeadMaster server in order to be able to verify new email senders.
27 Nov, 2013 Views: 0
document How can I download the mobile phone number - I don't see it in the list of downloadable fields.
To add any field to the list of downloadable fields you'll need access to Administration. Click on Admin Click on Customize Screens & Fields / Record Mgmt  Click on Manage Downloadable Fields On the Available Fields for Downloading page click on the Add...
07 Dec, 2013 Views: 0
document Problems seeing the banner menus
The latest update to some browsers may cause problems with the LeadMaster banner menu. If you are experiencing an issue with not seeing the menus from the Banner menu while logged in using the Common Login URL (https://www.leadmaster.com/login/common_logon.asp), clearing your browser cache...
29 Jan, 2014 Views: 0

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