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document The Company field adds a "comma" by default when doing a Record Search returning inaccurate results.
Affects some Workgroups in APP4 only. Issue: The Company field adds a "comma" by default when doing a Record Search returning inaccurate results. Steps: Do a Record Search using any field as criteria EXCEPT "Company" Result: 0 Records Criteria shows "Company begins with , AND...
17 Jan, 2019 Views: 0
document Problems Importing or Appending Information - Cleaning your file
If you have problems importing records, contacts, opportunities, logons, custom form information or reference tables the issue may be invisible characters left behind in Microsoft Excel. Text values may contain leading, trailing, or multiple embedded space characters (Unicode character set values...
02 Apr, 2015 Views: 0
document I'm trying to import logons and I get a message that I need to supply a Logon Level. Where/How do I do that?
Security levels for the workgroup and for Logon types Administration, Group, Account Manager, Partner and Partner Rep need to be defined in Administration > Security Levels,  for use prior to importing logons.  Logons are then imported for a specific user type.
20 Apr, 2012 Views: 0
document Where are my "My Email Templates"? - I use Safari on a Mac at home, but a PC when I'm at work and I can see my "My Email Templates" just fine at work but I cannot see them when I'm at home. Why?
LeadMaster does not support the Safari browser on Macs.  We only code to and support IE and Firefox.
20 Apr, 2012 Views: 0
document can't upload file - I have a file named 5.1.2011.pdf and I keep getting an error message saying the file is not of approved type. It's a pdf and I've uploaded lot's of pdf's in this one workgroup.
Cause: In this particular instance the reason the file will not upload/attach when other .pdf files have been successfully attached is due to the numerous "." in the file name.  There can only be one "." in any file name and that one "." should preceed the file type.  ...
20 Apr, 2012 Views: 0
document I see # symbols in my email message templates when I try to attach a file
When I click on the envelope to send an email, I can select an email message template but when I attach a file under attachments, then go back to the message I see lots of # signs in the email. I'm using IE9 and am logging in at https://secure.leadmaster.com/index_logon.asp Steps to...
20 Apr, 2012 Views: 0
document Timed out and date formating issues
  Timeout or date format error The system behaviors described are typically associated with problems with the user's web browser. Please review the following. Do you have more than one session open in the application (e.g. two Internet Explorer windows open both logged into the...
20 Apr, 2012 Views: 0
document Disabling Pop-Up Blockers
Windows XP SP2 Turn Off Ad Blocking in Windows XP SP2 If you have installed Windows XP SP2 (which includes a pop-up blocker for IE), add the online application to the list of Allowed Sites. To do this, when the pop-up warning appears in the Information Bar, right click and choose "Always...
19 Apr, 2012 Views: 0
document Information/Content in my Quote templates is much wider than the rest of the content and is not fitting on the page.
Many users will include "Quote Items" in their Quote Templates.  The result is that sometimes this information is displayed off the page as it is too wide for the page.  A easy fix for this is to create a table with a single cell and put the "Quote Items" inside of this table.  That...
19 Apr, 2012 Views: 0
document # sign shows up in Email Message Templates when attaching a file
Symptom: When sending an email and an email message template has been selected and a file is attached you see the # sign has replaced various characters and punctuation in your email message. Resolution #1 1. From IE, click "Tools" 2. Click "Internet Options" 3. From the...
24 Oct, 2012 Views: 0

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