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Screen Pop - classic interface vs. modern

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Last updated: 30 Jan, 2020
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 What's the syntax for having LeadMaster do a screen pop?

Here's the screen pop documentation



Classic interface:  https://www.crmtool.net/lm_sp.asp?u=YOURuserID&p=YOURpassword&w=WORKGROUPid&r=RECORD#

APP:  https://app.crmtool.net/lm_sp.asp?u=YOURuserID&p=YOURpassword&w=WORKGROUPid&r=RECORD#

APP2:  https://APP2.leadmastercrm.com/lm_sp.asp?u=YOURuserID&p=YOURpassword&w=WORKGROUPid&r=RECORD#

APP3:  https://APP3.leadmastercrm.com/lm_sp.asp?u=YOURuserID&p=YOURpassword&w=WORKGROUPid&r=RECORD#

APP4:  https://APP4.leadmastercrm.com/lm_sp.asp?u=YOURuserID&p=YOURpassword&w=WORKGROUPid&r=RECORD#

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