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What privileges should be enabled to use the Outlook CRMTool?

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Last updated: 06 Feb, 2020
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Q: What privileges should be enabled to use the Outlook CRMTool?

A: In addition to the general rule where Users should only have access to 1 Workgroup - here are a couple of things that your LeadMaster Consultant/Administrator need to enable and check:

From the Workgroup Management page - Make sure the Offline Client Access is enabled.

LeadMaster CRM - Workgroup Offline Client Access

From the User's Logon Management page:

Under the Offline/Mobile Access Privileges section/accordion - enable/check the following options

Outlook Sync Access - to allow users to synchronize their online data - calendar, contacts etc.

Email History Access - to allow users the ability to log and sync Outlook emails

LeadMaster CRM - Outlook CRMTool Sync Access

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